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Real estate in India – 1

I’ve been a keen follower of the state of real estate in India for a long time and its always appalling to see the horrible state of affairs. Buts its even more appalling to see how most of us moneyed IT people in this town seem least bothered about this sorry state of affairs, as long as our greed is satisfied, we will continue investing in this asset class, come what may.

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Airtel and Citibank: change for the better?

Whats up with Airtel and Citibank? These two companies had offered me mediocre service in the past. And in some instances had also caused me much grief. But things sure seems to have changed for the better. Citibank service...

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Getting to BIAL early in the morning

I need to catch a 6 am flight tomorrow and have been trying to figure out the cheapest way to get to the new Bangalore International airport. I need to get there no later than 5 am, which means I need to leave at about 3:30 am from where I stay (JP Nagar).

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