Category: Hosting platforms

SiteGround downtime!

Right after I paid for a shiny new SiteGround account, they developed a severe network failure in Singapore where my account is hosted. It took them more than 12 hours to resolve! Should I start doubting the legendary siteground uptime?

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New hosting plan with SiteGround

Fed up with the never ending trouble with Hostgator India and the poor support, I have taken a new hosting plan with SiteGround. I had been researching for a new WP host for about 2 weeks now, and finally it was a tight finish between SiteGround and InMotion Hosting.

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Hostgator India support is not fun

Support personnel seem to be quite clueless, and I am spending endless cycles going back and forth. An enterprising support personnel could have solved this in the first round itself, by looking through my settings and logs and recognizing that automated backups are not occurring. Now the question is, are support personnel untrained, or dumb, or just uncaring hoping that the customer will give up finally, and hence the ticket will auto close and their stats will show successful resolution of the ticket.

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Hosting setup on HostGator

I’m current hosting with HostGator India, a host with whom I have a love/hate relationship. I took a 2 year “baby” package about 6 months ago and have another 18 months to go. Almost certainly I will not continue with them.

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