Hostgator India support is not fun

Oct 3, 2016 | Hosting platforms | 0 comments

As mentioned in the earlier post, Hosting setup on HostGator, I am using Hostgator India for a while now. While things are running are running along quite fine (save for various website and service outages), the support leaves MUCH to be desired. Here is a particular example of how frustrating the support is. Its been 10 days already with no sign of a resolution. And this is a simple straight forward issue, not even as complicated as debugging why my websites keep going down periodically, for which support personnel have given me useless answers. I will post on that as well in another post.


Simple problem statement

I wanted to have automated backups being generated for an important site.

I had turned on Softaculous automated backup months ago, but for some reason backups were not being taken. I expected the backups to be present in a directory called softaculous_backups, but there were no automated backups (except a manual one I had placed there).

After scouting around, I found that the cron job was also setup (hopefully as expected):


1st email exchange

I reached out to Hostgator India support with a simple request to let me know where the backups were being stored since I thought I was not looking in the right directory.

The reply simply asked me to read the documentation of HOW to do backup. There was no point in a reply like this since I had already said I’d setup automated backup, and checked the cron job, so perhaps I knew what I was doing.


2nd email exchange

I replied as follows, and then sent a reminder since no reply was forthcoming:

Soon another reply came along, which was factually correct and answered my question, haha. But which was quite unhelpful since they had not even bothered to see what was inside.


3rd email exchange

Again I replied saying that the directory does not have automated backups.

2 days later came another useless reply, this time asking me to turn on automated backup, which of course I’d already told them in the ticket description that I’d done.


4th email exchange

Another reply from my side:

And another reply today (3rd Oct) which has rebooted the discussion right back to the start:

Another reply from my side:

Summing up - Multiple probems

Major issue

Support personnel seem to be quite clueless, and I am spending endless cycles going back and forth. An enterprising support personnel could have solved this in the first round itself, by looking through my settings and logs and recognizing that automated backups are not occurring. Now the question is, are support personnel untrained, or dumb, or just uncaring hoping that the customer will give up finally, and hence the ticket will auto close and their stats will show successful resolution of the ticket.

Minor issue

For the same thread, the support personnel keeps changing with each reply and the ongoing mail chain does not have previous replies, so one has to refer to multiple mails to figure out whats been said earlier.