Out of box WordPress setup on SiteGround

Oct 6, 2016 | Website speed, Wordpress | 0 comments

I set up a new domain, kumogado.com, on SiteGround and and measured the load time right after installation, with the default theme and nothing else loaded. No configuration, no plugins, no posts, nothing. SG’s supercache (First 2 levels) is on. CloudFlare optimizations are not on.

Contrast these results with the previous test I had done for Out of box WordPress setup on Hostgator India, and one can see that this is the same!

So OOB results are as follows

Measured by Pingdom in Dallas = 2.11s, 3.72s

Measured by Pingdom in Stockholm = 2.07s

Measured by Pingdom in Melbourne= 2.46s

Local setup (Vivaldi on desktop with cache disabled) = 1.29s, 2.04

Size = 180KB