All speed optimizations turned on (Speed tests on site B – Part 3)

Oct 12, 2016 | Website speed | 0 comments

As mentioned in an earlier post, Speed comparison between Hostgator and SiteGround (Speed tests on site B – Part 1),  I set up Site B on SiteGround. Since then I’ve been measuring loading speeds (Testing with WWW vs non-WWW (Speed tests on site B – Part 2)) with settings turned on in stages to see which factors affect loading speed and how it can be optimized. Unfortunately, there is no clear pattern to the findings so far. In this final test, I’ve

  • Reduced the size of images
  • Turned on Cloudflare auto-minify, Railgun and Rocket Loader

The final test, with everything turned on. Everything you say? Yes me lord.

The expectation is that the page load times will show some improvement, i.e. decrease from previous measured values. So without further ado, here are results:


Huge reduction in number of HTTP requests

Huge reduction in number of HTTP requests

And therefore improvement in various scores

As can be seen in the image below, just about every parameter is better.

  • Major reduction on page size
  • Huge reduction in number of requests
  • And major minification of JS and CSS
Improvement in various scores

All thats great, what about the loading time?

Unfortunately, thats immensely frustrating, because irrespective of the reduction in size and optimization, et al, the loading time is still in the same ballpark.

  • GTMetrix Dallas = 2.9s
  • GTMetrix Vancouver = 4.2s
  • Pingdom NYC = 4.04s
  • Pingdom Stockholm = 5.94s
  • Pingdom Dallas = 4.03
  • Pingdom San Jose = 3.69s
  • Local setup = 3.84s

The www version is perhaps slightly better

  • GTMetrix Dallas = 1.25s
  • GTMetrix Vancouver = 3.3s
  • Pingdom NYC = 3.25s
  • Pingdom Stockholm = 1.75s
  • Pingdom Dallas = 1.25s
  • Pingdom San Jose = 1.02s
  • Local setup = 5.87s